Off Camber Data for Unipro

Looking for the ALFANO version?

Off Camber Data

This version of the Off Camber Data analysis software is specifically tailored to the UniGo series of laptimers. Get yours at, and don’t forget to order the data cable!

Windows 7 and up Download for Windows   Download
Mac OS X 10.10 and up Download for Mac   Download

To use OCD with DashWare, you need the OCD Data Profile.

UniGo Firmware

To install UniGo firmware, download the files here, and copy them into the /Firmware folder on your UniGo.

This version is 1.07.001.

If you would like to receive an email when we release a new version of the UniGo firmware, please enter your email address at this page.

UniGo Hardware

You can download and use the software here without having the requisite hardware, but to actually improve your lap times, you will need to get a lap timer and data logger. The UniGo does both in one package. You can order yours at Unipro USA (if you are in the US) or Unipro Denmark (anywhere else).

UniGo 8005 displays are now available. They have a built-in ambient temperature sensor and barometer and they come in a durable 16mm thick aluminum case. They are designed to work with the UniBox and therefore require one to attach sensors. Please contact Unipro to get your UniGo 8005 and UniBox now.

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