Some UI ElementsOff Camber Data consults! Our expertise lies in Qt and embedded programming, but we also do mobile¬†development (iOS, Android),¬†machine learning, and big data. We’re currently a team of two, and we’re looking to expand as necessary to pursue the right projects.

Our strength is attention to detail*, and keeping the big picture in mind. We’re here to solve problems, not to write software. If your problem can be solved with an existing system, or better yet, with no system at all, we will let you know. We believe in keeping it simple.

Our headquarters is in Seattle, WA, so if you’re local, come in and let’s grab coffee together. If you’re not local, we’re happy to talk over email or Skype. Either way, email us at

*Did you notice? In the screenshot on the right, some of the text is antialiased, and some of it isn’t. Is that acceptable in your app?