Version 119: The boring release


Not all releases bring exciting new features, but it’s often the boring ones that have just the fix you need. Version 119 is one of those.

For ALFANO users, the most important change is the new channel mappings for the extension box. If you are still missing some channels, please let us know! We also fixed a smaller issue to do with driver and track names getting read out wrong.

We also improved the behavior of the program in cases where the GPS signal is poor. We cannot make a precise signal from a distorted one, but we can handle the situation much better, and that’s what we did.

Finally, there are a number of fixes for the Track Attack edition of Off Camber Data:

  • We found and fixed several problems with the VBO file format. This should affect users of Harry’s Lap Timer and Porsche Track Precision.
  • We also added support for the RaceChrono lap timer software.
  • Users of the latest version of CMS Lap Timer now get better support.
  • For the sim racers, Assetto Corsa import now imports gear and acceleration channels correctly.
  • Finally, some users of the RaceCapture system reported problems when they were stationary in the pits for a long time. Those problems have now been fixed.

You can get this new version from our download page at, at, or simply restart your version of Off Camber Data. If you have a suggestion, feedback, or just want to say hello, drop us a line at, or find us on Facebook at