Version 89: Christmas Edition

Number 89Before the end of the new year, we wanted to get in one more release with all the little goodies and fixes we have built in between the big project. Most of it is little fixes that you will only notice if you’ve run into that specific problem before, but we do have some new features as well:

  • All new language: Portuguese! Big thanks to Francisco Mano for providing us with this translation!
  • Updated language: Swedish! Niclas Andersson always does a great job keeping up to date with the Swedish translation of OCD, and he has done it again. Thank you!
  • When you hover with the mouse over a run header, it now shows you a quick overview for the run.
Run Properties Hover

When you hover the mouse over the run header, it gives you a quick overview over the run.

  • Similarly, you can now change a run’s properties without opening it first. Just right-click in the list of all runs, and select “Properties”.
  • When you click on the graph, OCD will draw an extra cursor, one that doesn’t move with the mouse. You can use this extra cursor as a fixed point of comparison. To help out with this use case, it resets the zero point of the “Time lost” graph as well. Try it and let us know what you think!
  • Some sensors are not as accurate as we suggest in OCD. We made sure that OCD won’t pretend that your temperature sensor can tell the a difference of 0.01 degrees.
  • We put in variousĀ performance improvements. In particular, we improved the UniGo file import, the loading times for some of the bigger menus, and deleting many runs at once.
  • We made it a little easier to select a country. We have over 100 countries in the list, so now you can select them just by typing them in, instead of finding them in a list.
  • Users of the ALFANO version can now read the .drk and .xrk files that come from Race Studio 2. This is an experimental feature. We might have to change it or remove it, but give it a test and let us know if it works for you.
  • Users of the Unipro version can now sort the tracks in the track download menu. That seems like a small change, but it makes a big difference when you want to see all the synchronized tracks in one place.

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. If you would like to contribute, feel free to comment on the blog, or send us an email at!