Version 71: Smooth Operator

71It’s not a big release, but it has a major new feature that a lot of you have been asking for: Custom smoothing.

We have always applied smoothing to some channels, but now you can choose for each channel how much smoothing you would like. You can set the smoothing factor in Channel Management, but there is an easier, faster way: In the graph, right-click on the channel you’d like to smooth, and choose “Properties”. OCD will show you window like the one below:

A smoothing window on top of the graphs

Simply drag the slider left and right. OCD will show the effect immediately. The filter that’s applied is a simple moving-average filter with no delay. We’re planning on adding a low-pass filter in a later release.

Smoothing is great, but it is not everything in this version. Here are some other highlights:

  • Column widths in the current values window are now saved across restarts. It’s a small thing, but I know that for many this makes the Current Values window twice as useful.
  • When you import a single new run, OCD now automatically opens the fastest three laps for you.
  • We put some work into the code that automatically hides in-laps and out-laps. We know it is still not perfect, and it will sometimes get tripped up by truncated laps, but it should be a little better than it used to be.
  • For people using the UniGo 8005, we added a new math channel that takes advantage of the barometer in it. The channel is called “Relative Air Density“, and it is designed to help with tuning the carburetor. As a rule, the denser the air, the richer the air/fuel mixture has to be.
  • OCD can now use AVI files in addition to MP4 files. If you have a video format that you would like us to support, please let us know!

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. If you would like to contribute, and especially if you have some thoughts on additions to the X/Y plots, feel free to just comment on the blog, or send us an email at!