Version 60: Hollywood Edition

60Off Camber Data turns 60! And with that, we have a major new version ready for you. The headline feature this time around: Video support!

You can now associate a GoPro video with every run. When you mouse over the graph, Off Camber Data will show the exact time in the video at your cursor position. That means you can very accurately compare lines and braking zones. This also helps tremendously when you spotted some strange data, and you want to see what was going on at the time.

You can also click on the video to start playing it. It will play one video for each selected lap, up to four at the same time. You can also select a passage in the graph and hit play. This will replay that passage over and over again. That’s useful when you want to compare that passage specifically, and see side-by-side what happened. It looks something like this:
OCD in video configuration

A few things are worth noting:

  • We have only tried this with GoPro videos. It will probably also work with other cameras, but we can’t officially support that until we have tried it. If you are using a camera other than a GoPro, please let us know at! We are interested both when it works, and when it doesn’t work, so we can either fix it, or add your camera to the list of officially supported cameras.
  • At the moment, it is necessary to synchronize the video with the data manually. We have a prototype that can do this automatically. This is obviously a huge time saver at the track. We want to release this feature as soon as possible, but to do so we need a lot of example pairs of data and video to tweak the algorithm. Once again, please contact us at if you can help with this.

Video is cool, but we have some other features and fixes as well:

  • We expanded the track database. You can of course still create your own tracks, but with the track database feature, you can have the track ready before you go out for the first time. Also, by using it you can be sure that you are using the same track definition as your friends and team-mates, so that the data is comparable.
  • OCD now keeps track of which runs you have imported before. By default, it will not let you import the same run again, but you can still do it by going in the menu, to File ⇒ Import All.
  • Especially for large stores, OCD often took a long time to start up. Performance work never stops and there is always more to do, but we put some time into speeding up cold starts of the program. If you have a lot of runs you should see a big difference.
  • We thought we would spruce up the graph display a little bit, and show a cool fade under each data line that is by itself.
  • Some temperature channels were shown in OCD with more precision than the sensors can provide. We reduced the precision for some of those channels.
  • With the glare at some track-side data analysis stations, it’s often difficult to see the color highlights for the minimum and maximum values in the Min/max screen, so we made them bold as well.
  • While importing multiple runs at the same time, OCD now keeps the tags from one run to the next. That way, when you have five drivers coming in at the same time, from the same session, you can set the tag identifying the heat for the first one, and just click “Import” for all the others.
  • When creating a new UniBox configuration, OCD now starts with the default factory settings, instead of an empty configuration.
  • There was a problem where finding previous notes was not reliable, but only east of London. Now, this feature works east of London, west of London, and even in London itself!

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. If you would like to contribute, feel free to just comment on the blog, or send us an email at!