Export laps to Google Earth

Did you know you can export your laps from OCD to Google Earth? It is really easy:

A series of menus lets you export to Google Earth.

Right-click on the run header, select “Export Run”, and then “for Google Earth”. Once you click, it will show you a menu like this:

Select channels to export to Google Earth

It doesn’t matter very much which channels you select for export, since Google Earth doesn’t show them very well anyways.

When you click “Export”, OCD will ask you for a filename. Save the exported file somewhere, and then double-click it to see your traces in Google Earth. This is what it should look like:

A screenshot of what Google Earth looks like with data exported from OCD

On the left, you can select and deselect individual laps, to make the display a little less cluttered.

If you only ever want to look at a few laps, not all of them, you can also export data from OCD one lap at a time, by right-clicking on the lap instead of the run header.

If this was helpful to you (or if you find an error), please let us know by leaving a comment, or sending us an email at feedback@offcamberdata.com.