How to fix a missed split

Has this ever happened to you? You go out for a session, put in some good laps, and when you come in and try to compare your two best laps, the graphs are totally misaligned and the data is meaningless:

Misaligned graphs due to a missed split

Why does this happen? You can probably guess by looking at the lap times on the left: Lap 4 is unusually long. This happens when the magnet sensor does not detect the magnet loop in the track. We can see more detail in split time analysis:

Missed Splits in Split Time Analysis

Split 3 in lap four is extra long, because the sensor missed the start/finish line, and started thinking that the first split is the start/finish line. That’s why all the graphs are misaligned.

The context menu for a split

This menu appears when you right-click on a split in split time view.

Fortunately, we have an easy way to fix it: Right-click on the split that’s too long, and choose “Missed Split” from the menu. When you use this function, OCD will do its best to determine how long that split should have been. It usually gets pretty close, but it is still an estimation. To make sure we don’t show estimated data as real data, the lap that this happened on is still hidden. If you trust the estimation, you can un-hide (“show”) the lap in the same right-click menu.

Now, the graphs are aligned:

The graphs are now aligned

It’s important to note that all the lap times after the missed split have changed. That’s because before, it was measuring laps from split 1 to split 1, when it should have measured it from start/finish to start/finish. Fortunately for Moa, this means that her fastest lap was actually a 49.075 instead of 49.202. Congratulations to Moa!

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