Version 41: Globally Positioned

41It has been a long time since we released a new version. The reason is that this release is a big one. The headline feature is, as you might have guessed from the title, GPS timing. If you have a UniGo 6005 or greater, you can now use the GPS antenna to get lap and split times. To help you get started, we wrote a guide about how to configure GPS timing. We encourage you to go over it the first time you use it, but the short of it is this: First, you drive with the GPS antenna, then you use OCD to set up the track using the GPS traces you just recorded, and finally you copy the new configuration to the UniGo. This is a little different from how other lap timers do it, but we wanted to make sure that the driver doesn’t have to push any buttons on the track. We welcome your feedback about this approach!

There are a lot of other fixes in this release, so I’ll just mention the highlights:

  • A big thanks goes to Ondřej Kočka for providing a Czech translation!
  • A combination of work on the UniGo firmware and the OCD configuration dialog means that you can now configure your tracks with OCD, and then copy them to the UniGo. On the UniGo, you can select them from a list, rather than having to set all the settings one by one.
  • As part of that work, we made a lot of changes to the way the UniGo is configured from OCD, and fixed a lot of edge cases.
  • Dashware export did not work when the language was set to anything but English. It was a very embarrassing problem, and I’m glad it is now fixed.
  • We added some safety features to make sure we can recover as much data as possible when something goes wrong. For example, if OCD crashes three times in a row, it will try to repair itself. Also, if files from the lap timer are corrupted, OCD will now try to recover as much data as possible.
  • We found some cases where you could create multiple tracks with the same name. This is very confusing, so we made sure this is no longer possible.
OCD's Set Splits Dialog with Splits

Define split points in this dialog, transfer them to the UniGo, and drive!

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. For feedback, feel free to just comment on the blog, or send us an email at!