New Feature: American Sign Language

As you know, we’re working hard on expanding our language support. We already have English, German, and Swedish, and we’re looking into Danish, Norwegian, and Spanish, and many more after that. However, as a special treat to our friends in the deaf community, we wanted to show you a preview of another new language we’re adding in the next release: American Sign Language.

ASL Support in OCD

You can see, the feature is not yet perfect, but you can see where this is going. Hover the mouse over any text in the user interface, and a little window pops up with an animation of our avatar Evelyn, translating the text into ASL. For driver and track names, you can record your own animation with a GoPro or iPhone camera and insert it into the program. We don’t know how to translate large numbers yet, but I’m positive we’ll have a solution in time for the next release.

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