Version 34: Polyglot edition

34It’s been a while since our last release. Christmas happened, but we also worked on some exciting new stuff. Some of that will be rolled out in the next few months, but some of it is ready right now!

  • We added translations. Off Camber Data is now available in German as well as English. You can switch between the languages in the settings dialog. Now that we have one translation, we can easily add more. Some are already in the works. If you’d like to contribute a translation, please let us know!
    When you head to the download section, you’ll find that there is still only one file to download. Where are the files for the other languages? Well, we put a lot of work into making sure that you can still download that one file, and it will automatically figure out which language you’re using.
  • The graph updates a lot faster when you drag the cursor over it. You should try it out! It sounds like a small change, but it is much nicer when you actually see it.
  • You can now merge sectors. As you know, when you miss a magnet while driving, you can fix it in split time analysis by right-clicking on the sector, and choosing “Missed split”. Now you can do the opposite as well. If you accidentally fixed the wrong split, or if your sensor picked up a split that doesn’t exist, you can now right-click on the sector and choose “Merge with previous sector” or “Merge with next sector”.
    Click the small X next to the track name to close many runs at once.

    Click the small X next to the track name to close many runs at once.

  • Closing a lot of runs at once is now easier: When you mouse over the track header in lap selection (on the left side, where the runs show up), a little X appears. Click the X, and all runs from that track are closed at once.
  • There was a problem with changing run properties (such as driver, track, or kart) during import. This is now fixed.
  • There were also smaller fixes and tweaks. As always, there are too many to mention all of them, but I want to mention a few especially because they are the product of your continuous feedback:
    • The percent axis in the histogram now shows all the time.
    • Tags now show more prominently when selecting a run. They used to be the last column in run selection, which made them really hard to find. We found that people actually use tags a lot, so we made them a little easier to find.
    • In the histogram, when on-power is enabled, it only counts those times when the car or kart is accelerating. It used to be a quarter of a second of acceleration to start the count, but we got some feedback that half a second is better, so we changed it.
    • You can now toggle the background grid in both the track map and in the histogram view.

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. For feedback, feel free to just comment on the blog, or send us an email at!