Version 28, New Lap Selection

28Today, I am more than happy to announce version 28 of Off Camber Data. This time, the headline feature is New Lap Selection. In the previous versions, runs were grouped by track and by day. That worked fine if you have only one or two drivers, and only a few runs for each of them. However, most of you have far more drivers than that, drivers in different classes, and a lot of runs per driver. So we sat down and redesigned the way you choose which laps to select from scratch.

A screenshot of the new Lap Selection feature

New Lap Selection in all its glory

It now looks something like the screenshot on the left. At the top, you can see the “Add run …” button. When you click it, you see a table with all your runs. You can filter by track, driver, or class, and you can sort the table whichever way you want. Select your runs from the table, and they will show up in the list under the “Add run …” button. You can click on the header to expand the run and see the laps in it, like I did here with the two runs with the driver Dirk. You can also click on the right side of the header to “pin” the run. Pinning the run gives it its own column, like I did here with the driver Matt. To remove a run from the list, click the button next to “Add run …”, and all the arrows turn into Xs. Click one of the Xs, and the run disappears from the list.

If you have a small screen, and you really want to investigate some details of the graph, remember that you can hide Lap Selection altogether by clicking the big “Lap Selection” button at the top. Click the button again to bring it back.

If you have two screens, you can grab the Lap Selection window and drag it to your other screen. That way, you can really focus on the graphs and tables!

We also put a few other improvements into this release:

  • Status bar showing currently selected laps with delta times
  • Split markers on the Track Map
  • The horizontal marker in the graph now has the color of the lap. This is a minor change, but it makes reading the graph much easier.
  • Improved column sizing in Current Values
  • Better axis in the histogram

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. For feedback, feel free to just comment on the blog, or send us an email at!