Version 25, Feedback edition

25I am happy to announce version 25 of Off Camber Data! We spent a lot of time on internal improvements, to make sure we can ship higher-quality software faster. Most of that work is behind the scenes, so you can’t see it. However, we didn’t want to leave you hanging without an update for too long, so we decided to put together a collection of small fixes and improvements that were all suggested by you!

  • We made some major improvements to accuracy and stability for the “missed splits” option. We are still not done making this feature great. There is much still to do. We wanted to let you have the improvements we have already, so we put them into this version.
  • Show average channel values┬áper lap in the min/max values window. The window now has three buttons at the top, one for min, one for max, and one for average. Each type of column can be enabled or disabled separately. This is especially useful to show the RPM average for each lap. In the future, we will allow you to change this setting for each channel separately, because “Average Battery Voltage” is not very useful, but “Average Speed” is.
  • Configuring the UniGo device is now working again. We also added the ability to switch the UniGo’s language to Norwegian and Swedish from the OCD software, in addition to the languages that were already there.
  • Track selection now shows how many runs and how many laps were driven on a track, to give you a better, quicker idea where the important data is.
  • The order that tags appear in is now consistent everywhere.
  • The list of laps would automatically scroll to the right a lot, hiding important data. This no longer happens!
  • Empty names are no longer allowed for drivers, tracks, vehicles, and channels.
  • We fixed some problems with the track map when the GPS data is broken.
  • After fixing missed splits, the track map wouldn’t update. Now it does! Yay!
  • Lap selection and split times would show the runs in opposite order. Very confusing! Now they both show them in the same order, chronologically.
  • Channels can now be renamed without breaking importing. Before, when you renamed a channel and then imported another run, it would create a second channel with the original name.
  • The names of some of the features were not consistent everywhere in the software. This is now fixed. I hope we got them all?

As always, you can get the new version from the downloads page, or simply restart your old version of Off Camber Data. For feedback, feel free to just comment on the blog, or send us an email at!

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