Version 23, “That’s not quite fixed, yet!” edition

A bug snuck through into version 23 that came out when UniPro released their new version of their UniGo device firmware. The bug happens because the new device firmware increases the version of some internal data. V23 of our software doesn’t yet know about this new internal-data-version, so it fails to import.

Anyone who has updated their UniGo device to v.01.01.005 is affected.

If your Off Camber Data software is at v22, you should hold off on updating. When the software tells you that you have an update downloaded, just say “No” to installing it.

If you already updated to v23, you’ll need to either wait until we release v24 (which will be within the day) or downgrade to v22. You download the v22 installer for PC or Mac. You’ll need to uninstall the existing software (by using “Add Remove Programs” in Windows or by deleting “/Applications/Off Camber” in Mac) and then install v22 that you downloaded.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll have v24 out ASAP!