Version 23, “This is now fixed!” edition

A motorcycle with the number 23

We just released version 23! Version 22 was a minor update that we didn’t want to make a big fuss about, but 23 is live, and it is here!

What changed? We did mostly detailed changes, improving accuracy and display issues.

  • The drawing of the track map has been much improved:
    • We now use a better map projection, meaning that the track maps will be less distorted, even close to the north and south pole. It sounds like that would not be a big deal, since almost nobody sets lap times in the arctic, but it was a big issue for many of the tracks in Norway and Sweden.
    • More accurate positioning of the driver marker. In the previous version, the driver marker could give you a sense of which part of the track you were in, but it wasn’t accurate enough to make precise comparisons. Now, the markers are as accurate as the GPS data that powers them.
    • Improved drawing of the start/finish line. Because GPS is not infinitely accurate, the GPS traces for a single lap often don’t start at exactly the same spot. Rather than pretend that they do and hope for the best, we now show the different start/finish locations. Maybe in a later version, we’ll offer a mode to stretch the GPS traces so that they look like they line up, but until we have that, we thought it better to show the data truthfully.
    • Keep the track map’s zoom intact when switching runs.
    • Because of GPS’s limited update rate (rarely more than 10Hz), we were showing some inaccurate data at the beginning and end of each lap. This is now fixed!
  • Fixing missed splits would cause some shifting of the data of the laps after the split, making it impossible to accurately compare them. This is now fixed!
  • There was a problem with importing the track, driver, and kart names from the new UniGo file format. This is now fixed!
  • There was a way to crash the app when deleting runs. This is now fixed!
  • The app would crash when attempting to import an empty file. This is now fixed! Of course, there is nothing to import from an empty file, but it no longer crashes.
  • GPS distance from the UniGo 6005 would show ten times larger than it should. This is now fixed!
  • The headers in the Current Values window were too big. This is now fixed!

To get the new version, head over to the downloads page!

Most of the fixes and improvements in this version came from suggestions from one or more of our users. These are super valuable, so please keep them coming! You can us reach us either directly here on the blog, or at

Finally, a lot of people have asked us about displaying average RPM, and showing an RPM distribution graph. We’ve heard you loud and clear! I really hope we can make that happen before the weekend, but there are only two days left, so I hesitate to promise it. Rest assured that it’s high on our list of priorities!