Version 20, now with track maps!

20We just released version 20! The big update is, of course, track maps for those that have GPS. For now, it’s a rather simple map that answers the question we get most often: “Where on the track is that?”. You can also use it to compare lines between different laps. Another thing I like to do is this: Switch the graph to time mode, and run the cursor along the graph from left to right. You can now see visually, on the track map, how much of an advantage is gained at any part of the track.

Since the UniGo 3005 does not have GPS, we have split Off Camber Data into two versions, one for the 3005, and one for the 5005 and up. For now they are both freely available, but they will soon be tied to a specific UniGo’s serial number.

Screenshot of the track map window

This screenshot is showing two traces from two different laps, a blue one and a green one. It’s hard to see the different lines at this zoom level, but they become much more obvious once you zoom in.

There are a few other fixes as well:

  • During import, when you change the name of a track, driver, or kart, it will now remember that change and apply it every time you import. For example: If you typed “Ampfig” into the lap timer, but you meant to call the track “Ampfing”, you were always able to fix it during import, but you would have to do it for every run, one by one. That’s annoying! Now, we remember the change and apply it every time you import a track with the name “Ampfig”.
  • Channel management was somewhat unintuitive, and some things did not work. To our current knowledge, all of those issues have been fixed.
  • Better recovery from parse errors. Small corruptions in the files during import no longer mean that all the data is lost.
  • Other small fixes, like zooming in the graph behaving weirdly when switching between time and distance mode.

To get the new version, head over to the downloads page!

As always, please let us know about feedback, either directly here on the blog, or at