Version 19 is out!

19As the title says, we just released version 19. What happened to 18? Well, occasionally we ship small bug fixes that fix just one or two critical issues that made it through our filters. We don’t want to make a big deal of every little bug fix we ship, so there was no announcement for it. It’s a shame, really, because we had a great picture lined up for version 18…

Anyways, version 19 is a collection of smaller fixes, most of which suggested by you guys:

  • Code signing on Mac and Windows. For you, this means there are no longer any nasty warnings when you install the software, and on Mac, you don’t have to change your security settings anymore to install Off Camber Data.
  • The names of drivers, tracks, and cars/karts are now case-insensitive.
  • The graph now saves and restores its settings across restarts, and also when you switch away from it (to look at split times or min/max values).
  • A few GPS related fixes:
    • On the UniGo, the GPS data has a delay of about a quarter of a second. The software now recognizes this and corrects for it.
    • When the GPS signal drops, the software now automatically detects this while importing the files, and switches to the speed sensor to produce accurate delta graphs and distance graphs. If the automatic detection gets it wrong, or if you already have imported files with problematic GPS data, you can fix it. Right-click on a run, click “Edit run”, and select or deselect “Prefer GPS Distance”.
    • There were a few crashes related to broken GPS data. To our knowledge, we fixed all of them.
  • Driver names are now editable. They always should have been.
  • When you export channels, the channels are now in alphabetical order. Also, there are two new buttons to quickly select all channels, or none of them.
  • We now correctly import the battery voltage from the Unipro 6003 (together with all other channels, of course).

To get version 19, head over to the downloads page!

As always, please let us know about feedback, either directly here on the blog, or at