Version 17 is out!

17You might be wondering, what happened to versions 1 through 16? Well, they have all been released as well, but I’ve been grossly remiss in posting updates about that to the blog. No more! From now on, we’ll be announcing every update on the blog.

Without further ado, here is what’s new in 17:

  • Tracks, drivers, and karts/cars can now be renamed.
  • The import dialog used to show a progress bar while moving from file to file. That’s confusing, because people thought it was still importing, when really it was waiting for user input. We rearranged the import window and removed the progress bar, to make it clearer what’s happening.
  • We now automatically select the best lap of a run if no other lap is selected.
  • Sample data! A fresh install now comes with three pre-imported runs, so you can play with the program before you drive.
  • Added a button to manually check for updates. Usually the update check happens automatically in the background, and it prompts you to update when the program exits. Now, you can also trigger the update check by going into the “About” dialog and pressing the update button there.
  • OCD export/import. You can now export runs into the OCD format, and then import them again later. This is useful if you want to send data to your friends and colleagues, and if you want to have the same data on multiple computers.
  • Full-screen mode
  • Made the export dialog show only relevant channels
  • Channel Management had some confusing issues. Many of them have been cleared up, but some still remain. We had to leave something to version 18 🙂
  • Fixed problems with broken or truncated files, which can happen when the lap timer freezes, or a sensor dies or loses signal during a run
  • Cosmetic improvements

To get this tasty new version, head over to the downloads page!

As always, please let us know about feedback, either directly here on the blog, or at