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Off Camber Data Overview

This is the most common way of using Off Camber Data. We’re comparing two laps from one session, which are shown on the left. We’re comparing the speed of two laps from these runs, with a delta graph below that shows where time was gained and lost. A track map helps us orient ourselves, and the video in the top right corner shows what was happening at a specific moment. This is especially helpful with young drivers!

A simplified configuration of OCD

You can disable various parts of the UI so you can concentrate on the graphs alone. The slip graph in this screenshot is a calculated channel that shows either clutch slippage, a lock-up, or too much power. To analyze this in detail, you can select a range and zoom in.

Channel Management

This dialog configures your channels. The most useful thing here is renaming them.

OCD's Histogram View

The histogram view works for any channel, but it is most useful to see how much time you’re spending in which RPM range. You can use this information to optimize your gearing. To get the most meaningful results, you can create a histogram only for the times when the driver is accelerating.

Driver Management

In Driver Management, you can get some information for each driver in your team. You can also give them a unique flag or icon to identify them quickly in the UI, or just because it’s fun.

White background in graphs and maps

For printing, or maybe just because you prefer it, you can turn the background white. You can also turn on grid lines, if that’s your style.

Split Time Window

This is the Split Time Analysis view. It shows all laps from each run, and calculates best rolling and best theoretical lap. It also calculates the range for your non-hidden laps, so that you can quickly pinpoint where you are inconsistent.

Min/max table for selected channels

This table shows minimal and maximal channel values for the selected runs. It’s most useful for the mechanic, who wants to see top speed, top RPM, and top temperatures, but you can also use it to analyze minimum corner speed, average speed around a lap, and more.

OCD's import window

This is the import window while importing a new run from the lap timer. You can correct the values from the lap timer, add notes and tags, or align a video with the data.

OCD's video alignment window

In this dialog, you can align a video with the data, in case they don’t start at exactly the same time.

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